Blogging in English

Blogging in English was something I was thinking about for a long time. But because English is not my first language I was a little bit afraid if it was a good thing to do. What if my spelling was incorrect? Then i just thought: Well, maybe my readers can contact me and correct me so i can learn from my mistakes. So I decided to start translating some of my best read articles in English. I hope you like it!

About me

My name is Laura and i`m a Dutch stay at home mom. I`m married for almost 7 years and together we`ve got 3 children. A 10-year old son, a 7 year old daughter and a little babyboy ( oct 2016 ) In february 2014 i started blogging and i love to write about DIY, recipes, holidays and just nice days out with my family.

Creating Memories

I love Creating Memories with my children and I love DIY`s. That`s how i decided to make a Memory Treasure Chest with the kids. ( Other blogs about Creating Memories I have to translate, so please come back once in a while )



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