Memory Treasure Chest

Children love to collect things. When they draw a nice picture at school, you are not allowed to throw it away. But also the cool DIY`s you made with them on that rainy Sunday afternoon. It`s to precious to throw away. But how do you make sure you don`t end up with rooms full of this stuff? I made this cool Memory Treasure Chest with my kids.

Lots of memories

Normaly the parents decide what has to stay or what belongs in the trash. But what if your kids can decide about that? I bought this huge chest and told the kids there was just 1 rule: Only the drawings, pictures, diy`s that fit in the chest can be saved. What doesn`t fit has to go. When you leave the house in 20-something years you`ve got your own Memory Treasure Chest with everything you think is important.


We started decorating the chest. They can paint it anyway they want. They decided to start with their names. Every few months they can paint a piece of the chest. That way you can see them grow and change. Maybe they like cars right now, but in 4 or 5 years they love planes or trains.


Pictures are important. Parents normaly choose which pictures are important for children, but what if the kids can choose their own pictures? What was important to them? It is interesting to see what moments they choose. They can keep their pictures in an album. And if they have made an awesome dinosaur out of shoeboxes which doesn`t fit in the chest? They can make a picture of it and keep it forever!

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